Saturday, October 27, 2007

Starting for Delhi

In a couple of hours we'll leave for Kolkata airport along with my mother-in-law who is flying to Delhi en route to London where she will spend 5 months with her son. Our visit to Kolkata this time was primarily to assist her to lock up the house, pack, etc. and then to put her on the plane.

Jaya and I will start for Asansol directly from the airport. After spending the evening / night at Asansol, we plan to drive to Bodhgaya tomorrow. The car would cross 1000 km by then and I have to get the First Service (oil change, etc.) done at a Maruti workshop at Bodhgaya.

Incidentally, even after 500+ km, the engine oil looks like new. I had expected the oil to turn darker faster, it being a diesel engine.

City driving in Kolkata over the last 3 days was very comfortable in my Swift. I was obviously comparing it with my last car (Maruti Esteem) which I drove mostly in Kolkata. The Swift feels more solid (suspension) and peppy and the AC is much better. However, in a narrow RPM band of 800 to 1200 or so my Esteem was more responsive. Since the car is still being run-in, I rev very slowly and that is the only reason why I felt this difference. Actually, the 0 to 100 kmph acceleration time for my diesel Swift is much less than that for a petrol Esteem.

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