Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Drive from Jamshedpur to Kolkata and back

Jaya and I drove from Jamshedpur to Kolkata (about 300 km) earlier this month and returned after spending a week there. It was a pleasant surprise to find the Jharkhand roads (NH 33) in a much better condition now. The 100 km stretch between Jamshedpur and Bahragora is quite okay now barring a few very short bad stretches. But the 20 km distance between Bahragora and Chichira (Jharkhand / West Bengal border) still has some pretty horrible stretches. The border checkpost itself is highly chaotic (as usual) with nobody to control the flow of traffic and is frequently jammed. The road surface at the border is literally 'rock bottom' with gigantic craters.

After Chichira the roads in West Bengal are quite good and the stretch of NH6 between Kharagpur and Kolkata (part of the Golden Quadrilateral) is excellent. For the first time (I have been regularly driving on this highway since 2000) I did 140 kmph on this stretch and 110-120 for long distances. It was fun.

I got a mileage of 24 kmpl on the highway and around 16 kmpl in Kolkata with about 90% AC.


tubeguy said...

Great travelogues and an extremely gripping method of story telling!

This Durga puja I am planning a drive to south India, go around the coast, climb up to Pune and drive back to Jsr.


Your drives are a great inspiration as I plan for that tour with my wife and daughter.

Pratik Padalia said...

Great review of the car and equally great travelogues. Am plannig to buy an upgrade from my 800 and swift certainly looks the best beast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed info. However - I could not help but note your bragging about doing 160 kmph on the "Super" Expressway and raisig an eyebrow at those driving at lowly speeds of 80-100 kmph. Just wanted to make your aware that the speed limit of the expressway is 80 kmph and those lowly cars we the law abiding ones. You, on the other hand...