Monday, June 28, 2010

Front impact beam in Swift VDi

Recently, I had my front bumper removed and took a good look at what lies behind it. I was very much reassured to see a strong front impact beam protecting the intercooler, condenser and radiator in the event of minor frontal impacts.

The vertically aligned heat exchanger on the left (car's right) is the intercooler -- it cools the hot compressed air (air gets hot when compressed) coming out of the turbocharger before admitting it into the engine. The other large rectangular heat exchanger is the AC condenser -- its job is to cool (and consequently liquefy) the hot compressed refrigerant coming out of the AC compressor. The radiator (a bit bigger in size as compared to the AC condenser) is visible behind the condenser.


Cdr.Mathew said...

ugly beast with clothes off !!

നിഴലുകളുടെ രാജാവ് said...

Hi I am a frequent reader of ur blog , I got ur blog while searching SWIFT VDI when I was trying to buy that 2 years back . Now my car is around 34k Kilometers and I feel to change the tyre .. can u please suggest me the best one ?

Debashis Mukherjee said...

Most well-known brands of tyres are almost equally good for normal driving. Check from different dealers to get the best price and warranty deals.